Data Retention & Backups

Protecting your data is critical. But as a small business you don’t have unlimited resources. You need a reliable and effortless solution that fits your budget. DSC have a range of complete and easy to use enterprise-level backup solutions designed to accommodate small businesses. We can save you time and money, while providing ALL of the backup and recovery options you need.

On-Premise Backup & Recovery

Despite a strong move towards cloud based services, many businesses still have on-premise infrastructure vital to their day to day operation.

How are you backing up your critical on-premise data? Do you know if it meets your requirements? When was the last time you ran a real world recovery test? See how DSC can help you improve your on-premise backup solution today, using industry standard solutions such as Veeam and StorageCraft.

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Data Replication

Depending on your deployed technology, DSC can replicate data from existing systems either as a cold state replication or as part of a High Availability group, depending on requirements.

This can be part of a real-time replication requirement, a full Disaster Recovery solution, or simply an offsite backup copy.

Talk to DSC about what options exist for you today.

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Cloud & Off-site Backups

A common requirement, whether as part of a Disaster Recovery Plan, or just good practise, is to have offsite copies of your data.

DSC can offer this via several methods, from replicating backups offsite in addition to the on-premise retention, using products such as Veeam Backup and Replication, or even by taking advantage of our cloud backup solution which requires no purchased equipment or software at all.

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Managed Backups

As part of DSC’s Managed Services offerings, we manage your backups for you. This not only includes ensuring they run, but also ensuring you can reliably restore data when it matters.

DSC can also assist with ensuring you have the correct backup solution, as part of your onboarding process with us.

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Data Retention for the Cloud

Many businesses that store their data in the cloud don’t know to account for data loss or consider their data retention requirements through either accidental of malicious intent. These systems often have data loss prevention options, which can be utilised for a variety of purposes to ensure no data is deleted unless a policy allows it.

Talk to DSC about protecting your data, before it’s too late.

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Enterprise Cloud Backups

Another common requirement now, is to ensure a backup exists of cloud data, typically with a different provider, for redundancy, and also to ensure adequate retention of data. Whilst this can, in part, sometimes be provided by data retention policies, there are some requirements unique to backups.

DSC has solutions that can address these needs, from vendors such as Arcserve (StorageCraft) and Veeam, and also advise on which is the preferred method for each client, whether that be a cloud to cloud backup, or a backup of cloud data to an on-premise system.

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