Who are We

In 1997, Mark O’Malley incorporated what is now known as Delta Sierra Consulting (DSC), following his mechanical engineering studies. Australian born, Mark is well versed in the requirements of Australian based organisations and has resisted the common practice in some of DSC’s competitors of outsourcing roles to overseas staffing. DSC clients respond well to this “buy Australian” approach, knowing that they are working with DSC personnel that are based in Australia.

In 1998, DSC commenced its partnership with Microsoft, where we currently specialise in Cloud & Data Centre technologies.

Our Approach

Where possible, DSC minimise competitive vendor offerings within the DSC Partner portfolio, and always take a “business first”, and “vendor agnostic” approach towards our customers solutions; as opposed  proposing a solution just because DSC is partnered with the vendor. This way the most suitable solution is recommended for the customers’ requirements, as opposed to the wrong solution presented because it is maximising the salespersons commission payment for the quarter. DSC account management personnel are not bonused in this manner as we have found it drives poor behaviour and sub-optimal outcomes for DSC customers.

Our Model

    In 2007, DSC created the first version of its Corporate Managed Services offering, and as each client provides input and feedback, DSC evolves and optimises the model, offering and pricing with each updated version.

    Ultimately this model and approach allows DSC customers to budget their monthly support costs, and have the ability to predict the cost of IT for new locations, assets, staff increases/decreases or closing locations etc. (as we have seen recently during some of our customers responses to the COVID-19 pandemic) as part of their organisational planning and Board strategy.

    Our Staff

    Our Managed Services are only as good as the DSC staff that deliver it. DSC’s senior staff have each been with the company for almost a decade, and have global backgrounds and significant technical and business skillsets as a result. This stability of key personnel, when coupled with the maturity of the Managed Services practice, are the ingredients that provide DSC customers with the excellent service delivery that they attest to during client reference checking and referrals.

    Our Credentials

      Since 2007, DSC has been a certified and approved organisation on the WA Government – Common Use Agreement (CUAICT2021). This provides DSC access to State and Federal Government agency engagements for ICT Services.
      Under this CUA there are 3 categories, with DSC approved for all 3 of the 3 categories available.
      1. Category 1 – ICT Planning and Advisory Services [Advisory Services]
      2. Category 2 – ICT Business Solutions Implementation Services [Applications]
      3. Category 3 – ICT Environment Management Services [Managed Services]

      Our Focus Areas

      In 2008, post the fall-out of the GFC, DSC has specialised and developed domain knowledge in the Not-for-Profit /Charity sector, as well as Family Offices, and Defence contractors, with the majority of our clients today either Family Offices (and their operating businesses), NFP/Charity, or Government (Local, State or Federal). This was a deliberate change to the client sector mix from predominately mining clients and mining services organisations.

      Mark is passionate about helping Not for Profit organisations transform their ICT and Business systems from what we often find to be a very low base and an impediment to the organisations productivity to a more mature, reliable, cost effective and most importantly secure approach to IT delivery.
      DSC has many examples of dramatic increases in Employee and organisation productivity, providing the confidence for the Senior Stakeholders at the client to be able to make the Innovation decisions and strategies to ensure that they are successful in the current competitive, economic and funding environment when things once thought impossible could occur now seems possible!

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