IT for the Not-for-Profit & Charity sector

The Not-for-Profit and Charity sector is undergoing significant change, our Governments are looking at ways to reduce spending to this sector, traditional sources of funding for the Not-for-Profit sector are shifting, and Donors are increasingly want to see the impact of their support (see that they are making a difference!). Proper use of Technology in Not-for-Profits is now more so than ever by driving productivity, improving efficiencies and service delivery are crucial to ensure the organisation achieves its goals.

We are finding that our clients in the Not-for-Profit sector are under increasing pressure to become more efficient in a competitive landscape, whilst being able to report on the impact and outcomes achieved Year on Year. Funding changes are requiring many of our clients to need to re-invent themselves and their business models, communicate and align these changes to their corporate goals.

Your trusted partner

DSC has a significant investment in the Not-for-Profit sector with a significant proportion of our client base in this and the NDIS & Healthcare sectors. Our Domain expertise and specialisation in Not-for-Profits has seen almost all of our clients join DSC through referrals. These clients typically renew with DSC term on term.

Allow you to focus on achieving your organisations goals
DSC has been involved with many of our clients helping them through successful Lotteries West Grant process, achieving up to 90% of funding sought in a number of cases.

After over two decades of working in the Not-for-Profit space, DSC understands the benefits that are available to our Not-for-Profit clients from Microsoft licensing, as well as providers including Connecting-up, DonorTec etc., often we are able to re-align our clients Licensing and procurement to these benefits that they were not aware of resulting in significant ongoing Operational expense reduction, critical in the current financial landscape for the Not-for-Profit sector.

How can DSC help to address these issues

    DSC have found the greatest success stories when our Not-for-Profit clients allow DSC to assist them with aligning their IT requirements to the organisations Vision outlined by the Board and delivered by the Executives. This is what DSC refer to as partnering.

    In the nature of the partnership, DSC is often included in legally sensitive and confidential information which we treat with respect and sensitivity. This demands a High level security in the systems that we architect for our NFP clients. Though our Flexible IT support agreements ref IT On Demand and Managed IT levels,

    We are also able to assist NFP Boards and Board members navigate their requirements under the Privacy Act and Office of Information Australia.

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