IT for NDIS and Healthcare

Lately, we are finding that our NDIS providers and Healthcare practices are looking for ways to deliver better client outcomes whilst increasing profitability. In an ever increasing competitive landscape, coupled with set rebate structures, greater efficiencies are required to maintain and ideally increase profitability whilst ensuring that your technology and patient/client data remains secure at all times.

In addition, changes to funding are requiring many of our clients finding the need to re-invent themselves and their business model, whilst aligning these changes to their organisational goals.

Your trusted advisor

DSC has made a significant investment over the last two decades in the Healthcare and NDIS sector. Our Domain expertise and specialisation has seen almost all of our clients join DSC through referrals. These clients typically continue with DSC term on term, with some of our clients partnering with DSC over a 13 year period.

As required DSC work under a client provided/or our standard reciprocal non-disclosure agreement, as we are often privy to sensitive and confidential information which we treat with respect and privacy.  Police checks, Working with children and in some cases security clearance are put into place to meet our clients requirements. We are also able to assist the Executives & Board navigate their requirements under the Privacy Act and Office of Information Australia.

How can DSC help you to achieve your organisations goals

    DSC have found the greatest success stories when our Healthcare & NDIS clients allow DSC to assist them with aligning their IT requirements to the organisation’s vision. It is this approach that we refer to as partnering.

    The NDIS and Healthcare sector is undergoing significant change; our Governments are looking at ways to reduce spending to this sector, whilst moving the processing and reporting overhead on to the Healthcare provider. All too often we find that the Practice Manager or General Manager are not sure where to start.  We find that they often have been given a mandate to introduce systems that can facilitate Electronic Health Records, provide access to their patients Personal Health Records through patient portals, as well as facilitating Health Information Exchange between their systems and specialist Healthcare providers. All of this within a tight budget with the falling patient rebates and increasing staff and operating costs. To successfully achieve this, the IT and security/privacy fundamentals need to be in place.

    DSC has extensive experience in delivering Managed IT Services as we created this model for our clients back in 2007. It is a tried and tested model, which has gone through continuous improvement and development in the ever-changing world of technology and security based on our client’s feedback. You can read more about that Managed Service model in the Corporate Managed Services area of this Website.

    We understand that peace of mind comes from knowing where your data is located, what your IT risk exposure is, and knowing that you have a team that is accessible, knowledgeable, and is safely managing your IT and IT Security risks 24×7, 365 days per year so that you don’t have to!

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