Cloud Services

“Cloud” is not just another tech buzzword, but may just be one of the most important sets of technologies your business can adopt as you change to meet the demands of the ever-growing digital world. Not only do they help you to operate your business more efficiently, productively, and at a lower cost – it’s a secure way to ensure that your important business data is always safe and accessible from anywhere.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a Public Cloud incorporating all of the Microsoft Office suite, data storage, SharePoint, Teams and much, much more. DSC has been using Microsoft 365 since it’s inception, and manages the cloud environment for most of it’s Managed Service clients; whether they be pure cloud or hybrid deployments. As such, whatever your goals, DSC is skilled and equipped to help.

Microsoft 365 is especially important for our NFP (Not for Profit) clients, as Microsoft currently provides the base licensing for free, making it incredibly good value compared to running and managing your own infrastructure.

Talk to use about Microsoft 365 today.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s innovate-anywhere, create-anything cloud. It allows you to build without boundaries across on-premise, multicloud and the edge. DSC uses Azure ourselves to run our service applications, as well as leveraging other Azure technologies such as Active Directory for cloud-only clients, and as such has built up a significant skillset in this ecosystem.

Whether your requirement is to build infrastructure in the cloud, build and deploy applications, or unify on-premise, hybrid and cloud systems, talk to DSC today to see how we can help.

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Cloud Migration

Given almost all of DSC’s Managed IT clients are now running with either Microsoft 365 or Azure, which is a significant shift from even three years ago, it should come as no surprise that DSC has migrated many clients to the cloud (and not just the Microsoft cloud) from their old on-premise systems. As such, we have hit most of the issues facing first time migrators, and developed IP (Intellectual Property) and scripts to speed and ease the pain of migration, as well as becoming well versed in assisting on where to migrate to.
Talk to us and find out which cloud technology may be the best fit for you.

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